Accidents Happen !!  Does your flat panel, LCD, LED or Plasma television look like this.  Unfortunately the screens on these newer televisions are very fragile.  All it takes is one hit and the screen can be compr0mised. When a panel needs to be replaced generally the cost of the panel exceeds the value of the television.  Before you dispose of it bring it to us and we can recycle it for you at no charge. If you can not bring it to us we may be able to offer free local pickup.

Unfortunately we have become a throw-away society.

Why fill up the landfills when it is possible that your piece of equipment can be repaired economically or used to repair someone elses piece of equipment?

We do accept donated flat panel, LCD, LED and Plasma televisions for re-purposing or recycling. 

Donated items are tested and depending on the situation are used to troubleshoot other units.  Units are also stripped down, metal is recycled, boards are saved for hard to find or obsolete components.