Is my flat panel, LCD, LED or Plasma television worth fixing?  This is our most frequently asked question.  YES, the flat panel, LCD, LED or Plasma television is worth repairing.  Despite what people think these formats of television can be repaired economically.  If the manufacturers parts are not available or expensive we can try to find "green parts".  These are parts that are removed from freight damaged units and are sold at a reduced price.

Is my piece of audio or video equipment worth fixing? Yes.  We are successful in repairing all types of audio equipment, even "vintage" pieces.  We have sources for after market parts if the original manufacturers parts are no longer available. 

Do you "recycle electronic equipment?  Yes,  we do offer recycling on flat panel, LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions.  Most places charge to recycle,  but we do not charge for this service. 

What are your hours? Monday through Thursday  9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Do you offer on-site or pickup & delivery services?  Yes, we offer local on-site service or pickup & delivery.  Contact us for quotes.

Do you offer ship-in service?  Yes.  We suggest calling us in advance to make sure that your product is something that we can work on.  We can provide you with all the details that will make shipping to us possible. 

What manufacturers do you work on? We hold warranty accounts for some major brands of electronics. Please refer to the "manufacturers" section of this website.  We will work on other brands that are not listed.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

What is your warranty?  90 Days Parts & Labor

Do you accept credit cards?  We accept Visa, MC, Discover & American Express 

How much will is cost to repair my unit? Every case differs.  We charge an initial diagnostic fee to look at the unit and then call with the repair cost.  At that point the client can decide if they wish to pursue repairs.  Please refer to the "Fees" page for the diagnostic charges.