We are manufacturer warranty for many major brands of Audio, Video & Television

  Ampeg  *  Blackstar  *  Crate  *  Fender  *  Funai  *  Harman Kardon  *  Hitachi  *  Infinity  *  JBL  

  Korg  *  Kustom  *  LG  *  Mackie  *  Magnavox  *  Marshall  *  Mitsubishi  *  Panasonic  *  Peavey    

  Park  *  Phillips  * Roland  *  Samsung  *  Sharp  *  Toshiba  *  Yamaha  

The brands listed above are only some of the manufacturers that we can repair under warranty.  If you do not see your brand listed it does not mean your unit can not be serviced under warranty, but call us for verification.


We work on all brands of Audio, Video and Television that are not covered under warranty

We also are the service provider for many extended warranty companies

Warranty Processing Tips

Sales Receipts are required for all warranty repairs.

Warranties will be honored when unit is purchased from an authorized dealer.

Lists of authorized dealers can be found on many manufacturers websites.

Many purchases from on-line stores may not be covered under warranty. When in doubt you can e-mail us the receipt and we will check with the manufacturer for you.

Lengths of warranty vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Physical damage and cosmetics are generally not covered by warranty.